8 Flowers That Look Like Va-gi (With Pictures)

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Flowers That Look Like Vaginas

Planting Flowers That Look Like Va-gi in your yard or garden will be a conversation starter.

Flowers That Look Like Va-gi prove that nature can be as inventive as humans. These flowers are works of art, from the delicate origami of the orchid to the bold, vibrant petals of the African tulip.

8 Flowers That Look Like Va-gi:

Do you want to improve the aesthetic appeal of your garden or yard by planting flowers and other plants that evoke the female reproductive organ?

If so, you may be interested to know that several plants resemble the female reproductive system. This page will provide images and the common and scientific names of such plants if you want ideas.

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1) Poppy Plant (Papaver Somniferum):

Flowers That Look Like Va-gi -Poppy Plant

Red poppy flowers attract attention and are thought to have psychedelic qualities. There is another form a poppy takes on before it develops its petals and seed pods.

The fur-covered flower pod has a va-gi appearance just before it opens to show the blossom.

This is especially true after the flower pod opens to expose the vibrant crimson petals.

The crimson petals of the poppy plant, together with the seed capsule, give the impression of an exposed female reproductive organ.

2) Venus Flytrap (Dionaea Muscipula):

Flowers That Look Like Va-gi - Venus Flytrap

The Venus flytrap is another example of a peculiar-looking plant. When ready to pounce, the plant spreads its mouth wide, giving the impression of sharp fangs.

Its mouth shuts when a fly or other insect settles within, trapping the bug inside to be digested.

A Venus flytrap may appear like something from the Alien movies, but it’s more like a woman’s privates when it opens all the way.

The teeth’ pink inside and green outside are reminiscent of female genitalia. The innermost layer is pink, almost the same shade as a woman’s genitalia. As the Venus flytrap ensnares its prey, it also takes on a va-gi appearance.

3) Africa Tulip Flower:

 Africa Tulip Flower

The African tulip is one of the Flowers That Look Like a Va-gi, a bulbous perennial herb.

It has tall, thin stems with vivid red, orange, or yellow blooms. Can you imagine what it resembles?

4) Butterfly Pea :

Flowers That Look Like Va-gi - Butterfly Pea

The butterfly pea, sometimes called Asian pigeonwings, is a stunning flowering plant in deep blue or purple shades.

It’s a standard ingredient for creating blue matcha powder. The blossoms, however, have more than a passing resemblance to a va-gi if you leave the plant alone.

The outer labia of a butterfly pea flower is reminiscent of the flower’s outer petals.

The white or yellowish center of the butterfly pea flower, which rests above the stamen, resembles the clit-o, while the stamen itself resembles the opening to the va-gi.

The perineum (the space between the va-gi and the an-us) is reflected in the intricate designs of the butterfly pea’s petals.

 5) Living Stone (Lithops):

Flowers That Look Like Va-gi - Living Stone

The va-gi is only one of the numerous things people have claimed living stone succulent plants resemble.

A living stone is a succulent that can withstand dry conditions and has two similar halves that have bonded together.

A living stone does not appear exactly like a va-gi like the other plants on this list, but it does have some similarities. A residing stone succulent, to be more specific, resembles a stooped lady.

The va-gi is visible between the thighs and buttocks (the two fleshy sections of the plant).

Those prepared to look at a live stone plant from a different angle will see a resemblance to a va-gi.

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6) Papaya (Carica Papaya):

Flowers That Look Like Va-gi - Papaya

When examined more closely, it’s easy to understand why papayas have long been used to symbolize a woman’s ge-nita-lia.

When split lengthwise and the seeds removed, Papaya resembles exposed genitalia. The color and form of Papaya can call to mind a woman’s privates.

Both the external and internal la-bia are shown. Careful scooping will reveal a white region resembling the cli.t if you look closely when removing the pips.

In sum, Papaya is a beautiful fruit to use in place of a va-gi symbol.

7) Venus Flytrap:

Flowers That Look Like Va-gi - Venus Flytrap

The Venus flytrap’s leaves are long and pointed, forming a rosette at the end of a relatively short stem.

Because each leaf has a longer, thinner “blade” and a faster, triangular “lobe,” the plant is sometimes compared to a female reproductive organ.

8) Calla Lilies (Zantedeschia):

Flowers That Look Like Va-gi - Calla Lilies

The Calla lily may stand for innocence and rebirth, yet it looks suspiciously like something else. The genital area, naturally.

The outer leaves of a Calla lily blossom are shaped like genitalia, making the flower resemble an open va-gi. The skinny, elongated flower stem is reminiscent of the cli.t.

The Calla lily might potentially be mistaken for a pe-nis. Calla lilies come in various hues, but the red ones are the most striking due to their phallic resemblance.

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